About us
Argentek, LLC in New York in 2010. Our primary focus is in top brand, consumer electronics. However, we are flexible with the items which we offer and our product range can vary dynamically with the changing market.

Our office is located in Brooklyn, NY. We have the ability to palletize shipments and fulfill a very large volume of orders. We also work very closely with a Florida based warehouse to facilitate and expedite shipments to our customers.
  • Our experience in shipping translates into:
    • Lower shipping costs for our customers
    • Very high accuracy in picking/packing
    • An extremely low rate in loss and damage
    • Fewer delays in customs or transit time caused by incorrect paperwork
  • Reasons to buy from us:
    • We have a broad range of products
    • Our sales staff is knowledgeable and attentive.
    • Our shipping options are flexible and competent
    • Experienced in shipping
    • We speak English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, and French
    • We’re really nice people (If this isn’t true then our mothers have been lying to us all along)